Sara finds a sketchbook among books of

her grandmother in the attic room.

She falls asleep with a dog book.

Sara draws a picture of a butterfly,

then it pops up from

the sketchbook and flies.

She also draws the pictures of a dog

and a cat and get them.

Her brother, James, asks where

she got a dog and she explains

that it came from the sketchbook.

He asks her to lend the magic sketchbook

and draws a pictureof a game-boy and

he gets it. He has so many things he
wants that he draws a pictures of wads of

bills instead. The bills surface.

He thinks he will never have to work

nor go to school.

His fairy mother who watches over her son

decides to do something.





スケッチブックを見つ ける。


翌日サラがベ ランダで蝶々の絵を描くと、


サラは犬や 猫も得る。兄のジェームスは、

サラからスケッチブックを借り て、


色々なものが欲しいジェーム ズは


札束が浮き上がり手に入ると、もう仕事 も




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